Energy loss and drafts on dock levellers occur due to the space between the dock leveller and the base construction. Usually there is either no seals or only faulty seals installed. Calculations show that the energy loss at two docklevelers equals that of an exit door left open day and night. In summer and winter!


The EM-FLEX L-series seal offers the following advantages:



Effective seal against energy loss. No draft, no dust, no energy loss. A "Blower-Door" test can determine and calculate the energy savings per dockleveller. ROI within 1 year. Up to 94% less draft and dust. Tested and Certified.


The seal for the Dock leveller prevents pollution due to flow of (fine) dust and diesel particles. They can be Easily cleaned (high pressure cleaner). Therefore, a cleaner and healthier working environment.


Complies with international health and safety regulations such as BREEAM, IFS, HACCP and other quality checks by government departments or customers.


The magnetic base allows quick and easy assembly and service. Due to the universal application, Em-Flex seals are suitable for all models and brands.


No or insufficient seals

Traditionally dock levellers are supplied and installed without or with very simple side seals, rear seals normally are absent. An optional side seal is usually welded, pop riveted or screwed onto the loading bridge. The standard solutions are often frequently ripped off, resulting in high maintenance costs. Replacement during cleaning, maintenance or servicing is time consuming and expensive. The quality of the rubbers is often low, which necessitates replacement periodically and brushes are not hygienic at all !. This results in structural service costs incurred over the lifetime.

A larger problem is that if no seal is fitted at all or seals are damaged, energy loss is significant due to the open space between the loading bridge and the basic structure. The table below shows that the energy loss at two load bridges without seals is the same as that of an outside door open day and night. In summer and winter!

Surface clearance / chassis loading bridges
An average loading bridge of 2500x2000mm has 10 to 20 mm clearance at both sides and backside of the bridge. This gives a total surface area of:

Side = 2x 15mm x 2,5mtr = 0,75m²
Rear = 1x 15mm x 2,0mtr = 0,30m²

Total draft area per loading bridge = 1,05m²

Compare: open outside door, draft area = approx. 2 m²

You will understand that more and bigger loading bridges only increase the problem.

In addition, traditional dock leveller seals are not "audit-proof":

  • Side rubbers usually do not close well
  • Side rubbers and mounting profiles are very fragile for breakage
  • Rubber for a rear seal is missing
  • Brushes are collecting grease and dirt
  • Brushes do not resist draft
  • Brushes do not resist moisture
  • Brushes are not able to be cleaned properly

Standard rubbers or brushes are therefore far from hygienic. Due to the installation depth of these standard seals (>8mm with maximum seal >15mm) they are quickly damaged by the cutting action of the loading bridge. Or they fall into the pit below the dock leveller. Replacing or replacing leads to high assembly and frontage costs.

EM-FLEX seals are the solution!

EM-FLEX seals cover a much wider gap, from installation depths from (> 4mm with maximum seal >35 or >60mm). And they are always protected by the top deck of the leveller. Due to the magnetic base, Em-Flex seals can always be re-placed or re-aligned when hit by a pallet or forklift truck. No additional costs or service experts are necessary. Companies own service employees can fix it in a few minutes !!

In most situations, EM-FLEX seals have a ROI of 1 year, which means that after the 1st year, not only has energy been saved, but also money will be saved!

An EM-FLEX seal consists of a fibre-reinforced industrial grade canvas, with very high abrasion resistance. Also provided with a wide magnetic fastening strip. There is no need for them to be screwed or drilled so that the slightly higher investment in assembly and maintenance is largely recouped.

Rear seal

We can say that EM-FLEX is the only one in the market to provide a good solution to the rear sealing of the loading bridge. This creates a perfect seal. The Blower Door pressure test shows that 94% of the unwanted airflow is stopped with EM-FLEX.

Hygiene: EM-FLEX has understood how!

The patented seals of EM-FLEX really close the gap hermetically and hygienically. Not only are they cost-saving, but they also ensure that building owners with EM-FLEX seals are able to be accredited by auditing agencies! Due to the magnetic base, our seals are easy to remove and replace for good cleaning. In addition, no dirt remains and hermetically seals. An important requirement in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry!



Flexible, fiber-reinforced canvas for indoor and outdoor applications.
UV and mildew resistant.

  • Temp. resistance:

    -40 ° C to +70 ° C

  • Acrylic coating:


  • Tensile strength:

    2600/2400 (N / 5cn) DIN 53354

  • Tear resistant

    > 4 mm/120 mm

  • Color:

    Black / Yellow

  • Thickness:

    > 1,0 mm

  • Material property:


  • Magnet power:

    Lifelong (without external influences)



  • Article:
  • Length:
  • Seal:
  • Article number:


side seal

  • LS 35..
  • 1000mm – 6000mm
  • LS35150 = L1500mm
  • LS35200 = L2000mm
  • LS35250 = L2500mm
  • LS35275 = L2750mm
  • LS35300 = L3000mm
  • LS35350 = L3500mm
  • LS35400 = L4000mm
  • LS35450 = L4500mm



  • LS 60..
  • 1000mm – 6000mm
  • LS60150 = L1500mm
  • LS60200 = L2000mm
  • LS60250 = L2500mm
  • LS60275 = L2750mm
  • LS60300 = L3000mm
  • LS60350 = L3500mm
  • LS60400 = L4000mm
  • LS60450 = L4500mm


rear seal

  • LR 60
  • 1000mm – 3000mm
  • LR60100 = L1000mm
  • LR60150 = L1500mm
  • LR60200 = L2000mm
  • LR60210 = L2100mm
  • LR60220 = L2200mm
  • LR60230 = L2300mm
  • LR60240 = L2400mm
  • LR60250 = L2500mm



  • LR 80
  • 1000mm – 6000mm
  • LR80100 = L1000mm
  • LR80150 = L1500mm
  • LR80200 = L2000mm
  • LR80210 = L2100mm
  • LR80220 = L2200mm
  • LR80230 = L2300mm
  • LR80240 = L2400mm
  • LR80250 = L2500mm


Deviating sizes on request. Please contact us.



Up to 3 m1 length by mail services
AS from 3m1 length by forwarder

We are constantly working on further development and improvement of our products. Therefore we reserve te right to change our product specifications without notice.



Assembly of the seals can not be easier and quicker than with the application of Em-Flex dock seals by service companies and maintenance teams. Stock and customer-specific side and rear seals, regardless of type or brand, can be placed on both new and existing loading docks within 10 minutes. Mounting the rear seal depends on the accessibility of the rear of the leveler, but in most cases also from above. It is worth mentioning that Em-Flex can offer the first and only sustainable rear seal. Only closing of the sides provides overpressure at the rear. Only with the Em-Flex dock leveler seals 94% closure is possible.