It is a fact, that companies and technical services are facing daily problems with energy efficiency, draft, pests, (fine) dirt (dust) and hygiene. This seems to be a never-ending story / burden, because there are no good solutions available to seal the doors and dock levellers hermetically. Once we have been able to present and explain our products, it will become clear that there is a durable and effective solution to the above problems.

Standard seals like brushes and rubbers are:

  • Unhygienic: Collect dirt, especially with brushes.
  • Poor for cleaning
  • Do not seal hermetically for dust, condensation and moisture.
  • No resistance to pests
  • Limited shutdown / bridging and thus less functional
  • Significant minimum installation depth.
  • Break down (too) often, high costs.
  • As service products they are difficult to mount in the corners of a levellers.
  • Installation by service technician: Reducing high hourly rates and front costs.
  • Do not offer a solution to the rear of a leveller
  • Do not achieve improved air quality, no filtering.
  • Energy loss on 2 levellers equal to that of an outside door that is left wide open.


EM-FLEX provides an appropriate solution to the above inconveniences. Our magnetic seals hermetically seal each door or dock system. The patented system can often be mounted over existing door seals. So, no expensive replacement, but an additional product with a very short payback!

The patented seals of EM-Flex are hermetically and hygienic. Not only are they cost-saving, but they also ensure that building owners with EM-FLEX seals are able to be accredited by auditing agencies! Due to the magnetic base, our seals are easy to remove and replace for good cleaning. Therefore no dirt remains and constantly provide a hermetically good seal.


Our customers are very pleased with their application of EM-FLEX seals. This is because they can obtain better or higher certifications. Or sometimes it is just to maintain their current certificate. For the food and pharmaceutical industry, hospitality, schools, bakeries, supermarkets, etc. EM-FLEX is the innovative, universal and truly complete solution for durable sealing of loading Levellers, overhead and pedestrian doors.

Customer-specific solutions

Where our standard range of products does not meet your specific situation, we would like to talk to you and come up with a unique solution with a specially designed product. Feel free to call us