EM-FLEX Nederland is a young and dynamic company, who specialize in innovative seals for industrial doors, roller shutters and levellers. EM-FLEX takes care of the production, sales and distribution. Thanks to our innovative seals, companies and industries now for the first time, have the opportunity to apply a truly full proof solution against undesirable rodents, drafts, moisture and dust in the logistics sector.

Our green logo stands for energy saving and hygiene improvement. An essential necessity in many critical industries and applications.

EM-FLEX has been active in the market for industrial doors and dock levellers since 1994. From our vast knowledge in production and distribution sectors, we have gained a very good insight into the needs regarding service and maintenance costs.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, comments or for a specific project or application solution.

info@em-flex.eu +31 622 853 648

In 2014 we developed a unique solution for sealing dock levellers. This concept is so unique and efficient that we decided to start a separate company for this:

eM-Flex Seals for Docks and Doors

  • e = Energy saving
  • M = Magnetic base and fast assembly
  • Flex = Flexible and durable material

On this website you will find more specific information about how our products can help you to reduce energy and service costs with the aim of improving your operations.